ms plates

Plates are normally available in different grades as per the end use like for general fabrication Mild steel is used, Where their is more of wear and tear their Carbon/ Alloy Steel is used as per the requirements. When there is flow of water or chemicals in the use then Stainless Steel is used. The MS Plates are made using quality materials and are thoroughly tested on several parameters that make us assure their excellent features and high durability.

These Plates are demanded widely in the market for the optimum quality and availability in varied specifications. Mild Steel plates are used mainly for the manufacture of bridges, steel structures, ships, large diameter pipes, storage tanks, boilers, railway wagons and pressure vessels.These are available in different thickness, grades, length and weight. Our plates find application in manufacturing steel structures, bridges, ships and large diameter pipes. Moreover, these are also used in manufacturing storage tanks, boilers, railway wagons and pressure vessels. Our products find applications in fabrication work & industrial usage.

Available Size

  • M S Plate 5MM
  • M S Plate 6MM
  • M S Plate 7MM
  • M S Plate 8MM
  • M S Plate 10MM
  • M S Plate 12MM
  • M S Plate 16MM
  • M S Plate 20MM
  • M S Plate 25MM
  • M S Plate 32MM
  • M S Plate 40MM
  • M S Plate 50MM