We are the leading Supplier of MS Angle. To fulfill the specific requirements of our clients, we offer these in various dimensions and thickness. The quality controllers of our organization also check the products just before the final delivery to the customers. Available in various length and weights, these steel angles are very durable and functional.

MS Angles are structural material with cross section of 90 degree angle. The dimension is determined by the length and the thickness of the two sides. If the lengths of the two sides are equal, it is equal angle, otherwise it is unequal. The steel angles are used in various applications like reinforcement, transmission towers, Bridges, Sheds etc. It is used in all construction activity. Features are Perfect finish and robust construction, High load bearing capacity and corrosion, Excellent finish and strong construction, Elevated durability.

Available Size

  • M S Angle 20*20*3
  • M S Angle 25*25*3
  • M S Angle 25*25*6
  • M S Angle 32*32*3
  • M S Angle 35*35*6
  • M S Angle 40*40*3
  • M S Angle 40*40*6
  • M S Angle 50*50*6
  • M S Angle 65*65*6
  • M S Angle 65*65*8
  • M S Angle 75*75*6
  • M S Angle 75*75*8
  • M S Angle 75*75*10
  • M S Angle 90*90*6
  • M S Angle 90*90*8
  • M S Angle 100*100*6
  • M S Angle 100*100*8
  • M S Angle 100*100*10
  • M S Angle 100*100*12
  • M S Angle 130*130*10
  • M S Angle 130*130*12
  • M S Angle 150*150*12
  • M S Angle 150*150*16